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My work in the area of Palliative Care and Patient Advocacy is something I am extremely proud of. Having being a Funeral Celebrant over the last ten years has given me the insight into the workings of care, both Aged and Palliative. Families find themselves treading water and unable to navigate their way around the complexities involved.

Patient Advocacy is about providing transparency to my clients and their families with regard to the best options available, whether it be the decision to keep a family member or friend in the home or in a hospice. Acting as a go between to ensure information regarding appropriate medication, care, assistance with Wills and Advanced Care Plans is conveyed clearly.

Too often precious time is spent with unnecessary worry, misinformation and incorrect care. The role of a carer often a family member is sadly overlooked and unappreciated. Knowing you have someone to guide you relieves anxiety and mistrust that often develops.






I have been fortunate enough to have had a diverse career over the last thirty years, that has given me the skill and expertise to create and deliver both weddings and funerals with compassion, care and a deep understanding of the importance of significant events in life. Funerals are my passion, whether it be non denominational, in the home or any outdoor location that has meaning to your loved one. I am proud to work with a number of Australian owned funeral homes all over Sydney.




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Thank you for helping make our day everything we have ever dreamed of.
— Michelle, Steve & Ruby



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